Victorian Laurels

Victorian Perfume Bottles

History: Crown Perfumery was once one of Britain's foremost perfume houses. Crown Perfumery was founded in 1872 by William Sparks Thomson, a maker of crinolines and corsets. Catering to the high society in London and Europe, he launched a collection of floral fragrances called Flower Fairies. Queen Victoria granted the Crown Perfumery her own crown's image to top the fragrance bottles. By the end of the century, Crown Perfumery was exporting nearly 50 different perfumes and accompanying products to countries all over the world. Mrs. Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, was the inspiration for the creation of 'Crown Bouquet'. Other current perfumes include 'Marechale 90', a perfume whose original version dates back to 1669, 'Crown Stephanotis' and 'Malabar'. At present "Victorian Laurels" is not affiliated with Crown Perfumery, but we do have a new charm on our bottle sporting a crown on the top.