Here's Victoria & Jeff!Victoria and Jeff Otto
Welcome to the real world of Victoria! Isn’t it strange that when you ask people who they are, they end up telling you what they do? Well, I’d like to dispel that practice and tell you who I am! Perhaps in reading this you will discover a kindred spirit and a friend. Perhaps you will even discover the courage within yourself to fulfill your dreams and enrich your life.
(Picture is a recent trip to Taos, NM to visit friends.)

I love my life! I am living my dream! I expect good things to happen to me daily and they always do. Now don’t get the wrong impression! I still have weeds growing in my garden and dust on my divan, but I don’t obsess over it. I do, however, obsess over the blue in the New Mexico sky and the silver in my husband’s hair and the laughter of my two granddaughters!

When I was very young, I wanted to be on stage. I could see myself singing and dancing in the “White Christmas” type musicals. I have even been told that I have the legs of a dancer and the hands of a piano player but low and behold, I never pursued either talent for long. What I did pursue was a love for numbers and graduated with honors and a BS in Mathematics. I retired from my first career at 46 years old and put my business-like mind and energy into starting my own company. Victorian Laurels is the culmination of all the things I love. It allows me to create, design, discover, calculate, write, and fantasize. What more could I ask of my own business? I vacation and travel at least two months of the year and enjoy promoting Victorian Laurels across the country.

I am most excited over our exquisite fragrance line. Our supplier perfumery is on the east coast and they use nothing but the finest American and European oils. Are you tired of your fragrance being determined by some Bubble Gum starlet who has more perfumes than Grammies? So was I. I didn't want to smell like a teenager at a rock concert. I wanted my own unique soft fragrance that made me feel like a woman. The fragrance we have chosen is light and feminine and oh so Victorian. Our company motto is, “Victorian Laurels... Romance Your Life!” We live by that motto from the soft elegance of our website to the fine quality and design of our products. You can expect to feel pampered and beautiful! You don’t have to be rich to appreciate the finer things in life. Perhaps “rich in spirit” should be everyone’s defining achievement!

I am nothing without my belief in God and my utter amazement at His goodness! I have found the gift of His Son the greatest gift of all. I would like to enable people to believe in themselves and realize that all things are possible. I admire the goal-setters of the world as much as I admire the craftsmen. Every piece of art was once a desire or dream of someone to do something special. It is my desire that every product from Victorian Laurels becomes a treasure to its recipient. It is my hope that Victorian Laurels will become a refuge and a friend!

Author’s note: Victoria Laurian Otto lives in New Mexico with her husband, Jeff. Their thirty year old daughter, Samantha, and her two girls, Cammie and Victoria, live deep in the heart of Texas.