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Victorian Heart
"Queen Mab"

Queen Mab, the fairy referred to in Romeo and Juliet. also appears in various guises in later poetry, drama and cinema. She is described as a miniature creature who drives her chariot across the faces of sleeping people and compels them to experience dreams of fulfilled wishes. "Queen Mab" is also the subtitle given to the 31st chapter of Herman Melville's novel, Moby Dick, first published in 1851. (Collectible #0304/4800)

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Queen Mab

Victorian Laurels Perfume, more than just a fabulous fragrance ... it's an accessory!

Victorian Laurels Shower Gel
Victorian Laurels Shower Gel:  Check out our new low price!
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Victorian Laurels Heirloom Collection will take you to another place in time. Our new labels capture an artistic blend of 19th Century style with the romance of a bygone era. Indulge in the same soft, fragrance from bath gel to body crème to our light, perfume spray. Forget about the stress of today and imagine yourself away! We would love Victorian Laurels to become a legacy of pampering passed on from grandmother to mother to daughter. Click on our helpful tips link below for invaluable information on your exclusive scent.

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Free Perfume in purse-size spray!

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Our slogan will become her reality, "Victorian Laurels...Romance Your Life"!

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Purse-Size Perfume Spray

Your next family legacy ...
Resistance to buying it is hopeless! "I LOVED the sample you sent with my initial gift order for a friend, but I mislaid it (I think one of my three adult daughters "adopted" it!) and I have been dreaming of that incredible fragrance ever since!" Thanks again. --- Lynne Phillips

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Victorian Laurels Beach Buddies
Victorian Laurels Beach Buddies

Why not let Victorian Laurels be your Signature Summer Fragrance with this red hot savings! For a limited time only, buy a Victorian Laurels 4 oz. Shower Gel at regular price and get a 4 oz. Hand & Body Lotion absolutely free.
Comes in its own tiny tote for ease of travel.
(Varied bright color totes may differ from the image shown.)

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 Victorian Laurels Signature Perfume - 2oz - with Free 10ml Purse Size Spray!
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 Victorian Laurels Purse Size Perfume - 10ml
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 Victorian Laurels Hand & Body Lotion - 4 oz
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 Victorian Laurels Hand & Body Lotion - 8 oz
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 Victorian Laurels Hand & Body Lotion - Set of 3 - 2 oz
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 Victorian Laurels Glycerin Soap - 6oz
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 Victorian Laurels Glycerin Soap - Set of 3 - 1.8 oz   
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 Victorian Laurels Heirloom Collection Shower Gel - 8 oz    New low price!  Was $24
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 Victorian Laurels Heirloom Collection Shower Gel - Set of 3 - 2 oz
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 Victorian Fairy Bear w/10 ml Perfume Spray
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 Victorian Laurels Body Crème - 4oz jars - 6 pack wholesale only
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Victorian Greeting Cards     Free with Minimum Purchase: Victorian Greeting Cards
We are carrying an all new line of Victorian Greeting Cards called "Purrtea" by Pet Scribbles. Get a free "any occasion" card of your choice for a limited time with a minimum $35 purchase from Victorian Laurels.
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